Christmas 2022

There has been a lot of stress in our citizens due to the media reporting on the economy, crime increase, inflation and so on. I am here to tell you that those worries were in our past and continue through the future. We will never get out off those “troubles” because each generation tries to eliminate them without success.

Everything that happens is cause by our own attempts to rectify a situation that cannot be resolved. We just must live with it and hope that someday there will be a solution to our everyday problems.

Just remember how capitalism works and you might find the key to inflation. I think that every one of our leaders have gone on and try to find a person who can cure the curse of inflation by raising or lowering taxes. It hasn’t happened yet. We’re going into another recession. Whose fault, is it?

The issue of crime increase leaves us to wonder how and why there is so much crime. Do you realize that small towns have none or less crime that we have? The more people, the more crime. Simple. It’s a matter of categorizing crimes. I  personally think that all crimes are the results of  illicit drug abuse and the want of it. How to stop it? Legalize it? I don’t think so. There are just too many money hungry irresponsible  people that need to make an easy living by making and shipping it to different countries. The logistics of empowering those people to make an honest living is almost impossible.

Therefore, we have Christmas. A time to reflect on our well-being. A time to let in the “Light” as we do every year when we decorate our homes with lights. We let in “Hope” for a better life. Also, it’s a time to  renew our relationship with friends and families and let in “Love”.  We avoid materialism as much as possible, but we live in a world where it exists. The “Gift” of giving is ingrained in us when we share what we have . We have the greatest gift of all, the “Christmas Gift” that we receive every year on December 25th. Jesus, is the reason for the Season We are given that joy, love and hope for a better life. So, in that sense, Merry Christmas!

Gene Cortez

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