The Mesmerizing Cat

Personally, I don’t like cats. My aversion to cats goes a long way back when as a boy I had the experience of a cat trying to mesmerize me.

I was just a little boy sleeping on my grandma’s bed when late at night I woke up  with  a cat on my chest staring at me. I had been told before of cats trying to take your breath away by placing their mouth on little children and smothering them. Well, I wasn’t having none of that so, I grabbed the cat and flung it away from me. I went back to try and sleep but the cat came back and sat on my chest again. I flung it again and it returned later on. I took the sheet and covered my whole body and stayed that way till morning. I had no idea where the cat came from because we didn’t own a cat.

I just saw a movie call “A Man called Otto”. There was a cat in the movie that kept appearing to the main character. He tried to shoo it, but it wouldn’t move. The same kind of cats that hang around my house will not move when I shoo them. They just ignore me. I don’t feed them, but they do stare at me.

The reason I’m writing this is because I  found some feathers laying around my doorstep and in the back yard. They belong to pigeons who come by and mess the outside of my sunroom. Well, I surmise that the cat was doing me a favor by taking care of that problem for me. The way they did it is by mesmerizing the birds by staring at them and jumping at them when they’re mesmerized.  I’m surprised that they didn’t offer the birds at my doorstep so I could share the food. I don’t like pigeons either, they have no meat. Just tiny bones.

I have been told by cat lovers that they’re nice to have around the house. I see the cat owner buying expensive food in little cans. Me, I would give them leftovers if I had a cat. When I visited someone who had a cat, they had a terrible odor in their house, and I wouldn’t visit them again. However, I had to visit a dog and cat owner to provide a communion host along with my wife. The owner put the dog away but left the cat inside. While sitting there, the cat came up to the table and started to stare at me. It wanted attention and I wouldn’t give in. The cat promptly got down around my ankle and started to entangle itself and purring all along all the time it was looking up at me.  I still would not pay attention to it. Finally, it jumped on my lap and forced me to stroke its back. All the time looking at me. It was like it was saying “look at what I made you do”.  I hate cats!

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