Tomorrow is Zombie Walk Day downtown. men and women and their kids dress up as zombies and walk like zombies through the streets. In my time if I saw a zombie I’d poop in my pants.

Yeah, Halloween was one of my favorite day when I could dress up. Trouble was that costumes were hard to get because it costs money and almost all of us didn’t have it. So, what did we do?

  Well, it was borrowing a white bedsheet and go as a ghost with holes for your eyes or use mom or pop old clothes and tear it up to look like a hobo. Oh yes, hobos were very scary then.

I don’t remember trick or treating in our neighborhood. First of it was a scary neighborhood. No lights and it was dark. The neighbors were all Hispanics. And practiced their own form of spiritualism (Day of the Dead) which was scary enough to us born in the US and remember, they had no doors to knock on. We would wander around the alley scaring each other with different antics. No kidding! Some of the kids would mark their faces with black coal and lipstick and make it look horrifying according to my time standard.

  With no TV and only what we heard on the radio, our imagination went wild. However, we did go to the movies and learned about Dracula, Frankenstein and the Werewolf. So, on that night that threesome characters would be lurking behind every tree, bushes and outhouse. There was no way I would be visiting the outhouse that night.

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