The Generation Gap

We have heard of the generation gap between those born in the 30s and 40s and the millennials. Technology has given us a better and faster lifestyle and those of us still alive are enjoying it. However, we still have a problem with today’s morals and principles.
Going back to the past, we had credit but no credit cards. “Put it in the account”, we would say and we would pay at the end of the month. We would collect our pay in an envelope for hours worked. No bank would be involved. Now your money goes directly to the bank and you use your debit card for buying stuff.
A while back, if a girl gets pregnant she would be sent away to a family member outside the city or town. Also, if she was a working girl, she would be laid off until she had her baby. Nowadays there are no stigmas associated with being pregnant and she could still work until she gave birth. The mother and now, the father are able to get maternity leave.
The ideas espoused back then were being honest and truthful. We shared resources like bathrooms and restrooms. We had clothes for working and clothes for recreation. It seems that we are living now in a cut throat society where money is more important. We are asked to buy the more fashionable clothes and shoes and the rest rooms are separated by sexual gender.
If we wanted to borrow some money from somebody or wanting to impart bad news, there would be formalities to follow. We call it “La Platica”. After a while then we would discuss the money or personal issues. Nowadays they come straight to the point. “hey buddy, lend me twenty bucks”.
Honor your father and mother the bible says. If you didn’t, you get a whipping. We knew where we stood and we accepted that. Today there are family laws to protect the children regardless if they needed discipline.
If we got sick or injured, we would go to the curandera or the botica where a physician might be there to write prescriptions. It had to be a real emergency to go to the hospital. Today there are healthcare providers and you have to have insurance to pay the doctor.
Church going was a weekly event. Regardless if you are Catholic or Protestant, you were required to wear appropriate clothing like a coat and tie. No blue jeans or t-shirts. Now you can wear anything as long as you go to church.
Marriage was and still is an institution. Most people in love get married even if they lived together for many years. Nowadays living together is a luxury to get two paychecks for everyday living. However, there a catch. You must have an oral or written agreement on the arrangement. Remember the palimony law?
We had an insurance agent come to the door every week to collect the weekly premium for life insurance in the amount of .25 cents or .50 cents depending which policy we had. I think it was for $1000.00. We had this little book that we recorded the amount. There was no health insurance. It depended on your ability to pay any health provider. Now, today, because of Obama care bill, everybody has to have health insurance. Life insurance is still up to the individual.
Technology has helped us a lot. We, I believe, are in the instant gratification era. We want it now, not later. Instant food, instant entertainment, instant communications. It’s too bad we can’t slow it down.

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