Will Women Rule the World?

I heard that question on the air recently? I said “really?” It’s not that I relinquished my title of “man of the house”. My wife says that I am the head of household so, that’s it.

There has been researched on this subject and they lay everything on women’s empowerment and the men’s unwilling to pursue responsibility in their home life.

Maybe so. Now I’m speaking on behalf of my fellow Hispanics. There are certain things that men won’t do. Those things that women are doing nowadays. First of. PTA. Women do that. Men don’t. Go to speak with school counselor. Men don’t, women do. Protest. Women do, men don’t. Work as secretaries, women do, men don’t. Should I keep going fellas? There are certain things that Hispanic men belief that women are qualified to do. Like they say, “esos es para las Viejas”. This is a cultural thing and yet, some men rise above it.

Will women rule the world? They already do. It started with Eve telling Adam to eat the apple. When Caesar’s wife told him not to go to the senate chambers. When Custer’s wife told him not to rout the Indians. When Woodrow Wilson wife was acting president when he was incapacitated. There are so many instances where women actually ruled. Look at the queens in the European countries and the women presidents in south and central American countries.

Women nowadays are being empowered to head the big corporations that handle defensive contracts like Boeing and others. They are now passing the mantle to other talented and ambitious women who aspire for greater heights in the once male dominated fields.

Women have always been involved in politics and the most crucial time was when they were given the right to vote. Women felt that they were smarter than men and moved to get involved in legislature. Men on the other hand, either accepted or acted negatively or childish based on their belief that women can’t make good decision because of their womanhood.

I remember the story of an Indian chief being asked how he liked the changes in America. He replied “before this, women cooked, washed, work the fields, take care of children and we could hunt and fish to our hearts content. White man messed the system”.

Maybe we should go back to those times and let the ladies run the government. We can go fish and hunt and have plenty of time to meet with our buddies at the local watering hole.

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