Mothers Day

In the movies, mothers are portrayed as portly, gray haired and with aprons around their waist. In reality nowadays, mothers are younger, employed with a husband and two children. A middle class family also known as a “nuclear family”. However, we also have single mothers, mothers who have adopted children and mothers whose children were conceived by sperm donors. Regardless, they are still mothers and this month, we honor them.
There are many reasons why we bestow this honor. It goes way back in time where mothers bore the brunt of surviving in a hostile environment helping feeding, clothing and educate their children in ways of the family traditions. Traditions that allow the family to follow a code of behavior and mannerisms.
While the father, in his way, teaches a young boy to grow up in a manly version of himself, the mother instills the emotional stability of their children. Right from wrong is taught by their mothers and punishment is done by them. Why? Because they’re in her care every day even when they leave home they are in her heart and worry. When both parents work, it is the mother who the child first sees when they come back from their work day.
Mothers endure the pains and agonies of their children from their birth to their own dying days. Who else but the mothers hold in their hearts the death of their child in war times, the proudness of their achievements.
It is almost like Mary, mother of Jesus, adoring her son and knowing whats going to happen to him and want to protect him throughout his lifetime. That’s what mothers do and that is why mothers deserve the love and admiration from their children.

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