What is a Miracle?

OK, so I’m a softie for Christmas stories during the Christmas holidays. They show some good stories, romantic or otherwise. There are some miracle stories featuring Angels on earth, The Virgin Mary. But, that’s not the real miracles.

Coming to down to earth reality stories, nothing beats the everyday miracles that go on every day. The birth of a baby for instance. There is now technology that traces a babies’ birth from its conception. They can tell a babys gender. However, it is the last seconds that define its birth or not. There is sociological difference in every birth which I won’t go into now.

Let’s take another example. Our priest and pastors are normally at the front of every church ministering to their flock. How do you think they were called to that ministry? They were regular guys growing up in indifferent environments and cultures going through life and not even thinking about a religious life. Something called them to their vocation. That’s what I call a miracle.

The firemen and police officers make a daily sacrifice being ready for an incident that they have to go out and respond and maybe cause their lives. We believe that every kid aspires to become one of these guys by looking up to their bravery. However, when they grow up they see the many dangers they might have to face and still apply for those positions. That’s a miracle.

When a child is lost or maybe kidnapped there is an amber alert telling everybody of the situation. Volunteers from every walk of life respond to look for that child. Sometimes they bring equipment or resources to assist the main body of searchers. The question is where did we get such people? It’s a miracle that they even responded.

We get every day miracles by people responding to a fundraiser to help a floundering church. Also, raising toys for tot, an annual event for children who won’t be getting any toys because of the economy. How did event come to be? Who were the people that set up the logistics? Those are the miracles!

Everybody on this earth will always respond to a calamity. We are now on the verge of a worldwide pandemic that has killed millions of people. We have nurses and doctors who fighting in the forefront to save those affected by this virus. They have long shifts and rest for a few hours. They don’t back down because they are called to their profession. They could easily say that they wouldn’t like to be infected. What I’m saying is that without them, we would be in worse trouble. They are the miracle workers.

Something in our humanity calls on us to help the needy. Not everybody has that calling. It’s in our soul that reaches out to us and tugs our heart when we hear somebody in trouble. That in itself is the miracle of life.

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