My Immediate Family

I have a rather large family with the Cortez’s, Reynosa’s and Aguillon’s as part of my ancestry but I have never introduced my immediate family which consist of my wife, Anita, my sons, Martin, John and my daughter Marie.

My son Martin is married to Mercedes Briseno and has three children, Eric, Brandon and Christian. Brandon is at Stanford, University. Eric graduated fro Texas A&M and Christian is with the Crossman Drum Corp International for the summer

My daughter Anne Marie, Marie,  her preferred name, is married to Patrick Bryan and lives in Austin, Texas. They have a beautiful dog named Gabby. Patrick’s home is in Avondale, Pennsylvania

My son John  lives is San Antonio and sharing his life with Laura Mata and her three children and Chloe their dog. They are now expecting their first child.

I have one more son who has lived with us ever since his mother died. My wife’s sister passed away and left my nephew, Michael Barron to live with us. I consider Michael as my son. He is now living in Buffalo, New York with his two sons, Jalen and Adian. He has two other children living in San Antonio, Jasmyn and Jordan now attending college.

I bring this up because next Sunday is Father’s Day and I want to tell everybody that I am extremely proud of my sons and daughter on the way they express their love toward each other. There is no animosity toward each other even when they were growing up with four or five years between them. They respected  and supported each other and continue to do so even now.

I could go on and tell about all the positive things that has occurred in my family  which will take a whole book. But, I rather would like to say that for Father’s Day, they have given me the greatest present that I could receive, their love.

One thought on “My Immediate Family

  1. Dad, I can only say that having you as a father has had a great impact on my life. When I encounter troubles and worries in my life, all I have to do is think of everything you have been through, and my problems seem to melt away.

    Happy early Father’s Day!


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