Great Father’s Day

WE spent almost the whole day at home because of the rain. However, we were able to go to Mass and breakfast at my local taqueria before the rains came.

Later in the evening with he rain pouring down, we went to John’s house where he treated me with a delicious mouth watering  steak. Anita made some potato salad and Laura supplied the cupcakes where she revealed the pink inside fillings indicating it will be a “girl” expected in November. Think of it! My first grand daughter!

We spent the rest of the night watching a movie and playing with Chloe, their dog.

Almost all my children and grandchildren were there. Missing my daughter Marie who couldn’t make it due to rain.

One thought on “Great Father’s Day

  1. It’s like I have always said… “You can’t judge a day by the weather.”

    Although it was raining cats and dogs (and probably frogs), it was one of the most satisfying Father’s Day in recent memory. John’s steaks really topped off the day!

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