We Catholics know the story of our Blessed Mother, Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. We also know that after Jesus was crucified, she became one of the leading disciple along with the twelve Apostles. It is the Catholic belief that she was taken body and soul to heaven. What we don’t know is what happened to her once she was in heaven.

This is the story everyone wants to hear, especially Catholics.

We supposed that she was granted a special place in heaven because after all, she did gave birth to our Savior through a miracle birth. The fact that she knew that He was the Messiah all the Jewish people were waiting for and also knew what was in His heart. It was heart breaking to realize for her to know that He would die on the cross. She knew and kept it in her heart.

So, this is what happened afterward in my opinion.

When Mary reached heaven God was there waiting for her. He immediately took her aside and said, “ I knew what a terrible time you had in your lifetime and I’m going to share the world with your son and I. Time is irrelevant here and there is a lot of my children who have gone astray again. There is no way I can intervene because I promise my son that all their sins will be forgiven if He sacrificed himself for them”. Mary listened very closely and wondered why God was saying all this.

He continued, “As I have said before, time is irrelevant because a second here is a century in the world and things are heading to a close. I need to remind my people that I love them without creating miracles as I have done with Moses”. He said, “However, you will be my miracle”.  Mary, as always, said “As I have done before, I will do your bidding. What is it that you want me to accomplish?” God said, “You will begin in the land of the natives of Mexico. They, because of their beliefs in other gods had turned to sacrificing their own people to satisfy the gods. This has got to stop”. Mary said, “Yes, I understand and how am I to change this?” “Well, it is fortunate that the Spaniards have destroyed their idols but now, the Indians, as the Spaniards call them, are now slaves. Now that their idols are gone they went back to their depravity and have lost their hope. You will go and appear to one of my most faithful servant and convinced him to believe in you”. “Why me Father?” She asked, He answered, “Because you are the mother of my Son and who else to bring back all the people back into the fold. You will be the intercessor for all people. Whoever comes to you and prays for whatever they want, I will hear them”.

Mary said, “you are omnipotent, Creator of the Universe and our loving father, it would be easy for you to change their habits and vice”. God said< “yes but, I gave mankind free will. It is up to them to accept what I give them. Because of that you will appear to them and claim to be the mother of mankind. Promise them that you will hear them out. I will give you powers to do whatever it takes to prove to them that you are the Mother of my Son, Jesus.  There will be more saints that will live thru the ages but, you will be the one with more influence because of your position in heaven.”

“I will do as you ordain”, Mary said,  “I will appear as one of them so I can be accepted and revered. Once that happens, I will ask them to build a church as a testament to you. Whatever happens from that point on will be a decision they will make. I will promise that if they come to me, I will listen to their problems. Their intentions will be my intentions which will be my requests to you as a loving father.

God said, “So be it”

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