Remembering Archbishop Flores


We were stationed in Bad Kreuznach, Germany with the 8th Infantry Division. My family had recently joined me and I was involved with Religious Education with the Catholic Chaplain, Father Matz. As we were preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation in the Catholic Church, we were aware that Bishop Flores was in-country performing the sacrament in each military community throughout Europe. My wife and I were going to be sponsors for all the candidates in our community.

When he arrived at our chapel, we introduced ourselves as residents of San Antonio. He was elated to finally meet somebody from home. After the ceremony, there was a reception at the service club where the commanding general thanked Bishop Flores for coming all the way overseas.

During the reception, Father Matz took my wife aside and asked her if she could cook a Mexican meal for the Bishop later after the reception. My wife said yes and started calling a neighbor to assist in the preparation.

When Bishop Flores arrived at our apartment, dinner was ready. It was a tired bishop and he found it comfortable in the surroundings. He met and greeted my children and sat down to rest before we ate. After the meal which consisted of enchiladas, rice and beans, he sat down again. He found out that I had a guitar and started play it and sing some songs. We had conversations about our families at home and Bishop Flores was asked if he could call on our families and tell them that we’re ok. He said yes he would, before he left.

About a month later, Anita’s father excitedly wrote that the Bishop had called him and talked about how much he enjoyed his visit to our home.  Later, we received a package from Bishop Flores which contained a record album of all the songs he recorded with Mariachis.

It was a great occasion and an honor to meet the soon to be named Archbishop of San Antonio.

After my retirement from the Army, we had an occasion to again meet the now Archbishop at St. Michael, where again we were involved in the Confirmation process.

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