The November general elections have come and gone and the world is in a turmoil because of the president elect. Seem like yesterday when Barry Goldwater was running for president and it looked like, if he had won, the world would be in the brink of war.

   This year there were two candidates with different kind of lifestyle and opposing views on how to run the country.

   Two hundred and forty years ago our country was founded on the principles of freedom. We didn’t have the privilege of looking back in history to correct any mistakes we might have made along the way like the European countries with their selfish bickering of boundaries and self-imposed rule.

  We were a young republic and we made a lot of mistakes like invading Mexico because of, guess what, boundaries and pride. Also, don’t forget the natives, who are the true Americans among other conflicts.

  This country was founded by immigrants and people tend to forget that. We also encouraged more immigrants from different countries to settle the land. Hence, the cultural conflict. But we said that in our constitution and Declaration of Independence.

So, what’s the problem? Now the so called children of immigrants are demanding to halt immigration of certain people and now want a bigger wall between Mexico and the United States.

  Lionel Sosa in his essay was right about illegal immigration. We accept them because they form a labor force that is needed. Nobody wants to do the menial work that these people do. Rather, they look the other way.

   I’ve said it before, we have to trust our elected officials and hope that they don’t forget why we sent them to their elected position whether they are the county constables to the president of the United States.

  As for the president elect, we have to understand that there is a system of checks and balances that is followed by the Senate and House of Representatives. Those are the bodies of government that make or unmake policy. We are hopeful that they are wise and follow the will of the people.

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